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Welcome to Sacred Feng Shui!

with Ella Croney

Simply a way to fine tune the energies in your

environment to balance and improve your life.


Ella is an excellent Feng Shui practitioner. As a student she quickly grasped, not only the basic concepts, but understood the higher levels of our form of Feng Shui. Not many students have the "touch" that it takes to really help their clients - Ella does. This is evident by the results of her work. We are very excited by her success and look forward to hearing more.
  ~Nate Batoon

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Ella's new Book
Forever Young
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Are you interested in:
  • a new career

  • wealth

  • relationships

  • communication

  • marriage

  • children

  • enhancing your own creativity

  • enhancing new or existing relationships

  • balancing family relationships

  • seeking fame and acknowledgment

  • world travel

  • tired of doing things alone (call in helpful people)

There is an old Chinese saying:" If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home."   The point here is to anchor your newest self in your environment by changing it to fit who you are now and who you want to be.  Feng Shui views your home or workplace as a living entity that you are either in harmony with or in discordant partnership with.  When you honor its aliveness, recognize its vital connection with the quality of your entire life, and make the changes that keep it fresh and alive, it remains a delightful place to be.  It nurtures, protects, and supports your growth and movement through life.

Welcome to Sacred Feng Shui with Ella Croney.  I am pleased to make Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui available to my friends and associates.  I want to acknowledge my teacher Nate Batoon for his depth and vivid interpretation of nearly 4000 years of knowledge and tradition.  I also wish to thank his teacher, His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun as well as my many clients and the newfound friends I have come to know through my practice.


And, while Feng Shui is ancient, it is ever evolving and ever capable of interacting with the needs of modern man.  Black Sect Tibetan Feng Shui is the study of energy in one's home or business environment and allows for unseen but very real chi energy to be harnessed to more readily flow into and through one's surroundings.  For example, one would be hard pressed in a business environment to place one's desk with their back to the front door or entrance to the building.  It is fairly obvious that one interested in welcoming business would orient the desk facing the entrance.  This is a very basic tenet of Feng Shui. 


Another example?  The bedroom is an important environment for communications and a great deal can be done to open the energy channels to allow for a much more harmonious existence.  You might be quite surprised!


The goal of Feng Shui is to channel natural energy through a room or home or business to enhance the prospects of the owner of such building.  This is similar to causing water to flow in a stronger flow by arranging rocks or creating a sluice to direct the water's flow.  Feng Shui really means, "free-flowing wind and water" and it is in the free flow of energy through your home or business that Feng Shui has endured 4,000 plus years.  


It is the intention of Sacred Feng Shui to bring an enduring and ancient science to your world.  And while the unseen has seemingly become lost to the modern world, there is no doubt that just because something is unseen does not mean it does not exist!  It is our intention then, to harness the natural elements of your home or business to your best advantage. 


It all begins with a map of the energetics of your home or office space.  This is done with what is called a Ba-gua which represents 9 sectors of your home or business.  Interestingly, this is not based on the compass and magnetic north, but the entrance and every room's relationship to the entrance, i.e., where and how energy flows into your building or home.


For more information, you can order Simply Feng-Shui, a DVD rich in basics of Feng Shui as practiced by Ella Croney introducing the basics to you. 


You can contact Ella directly at for more information.


Wishing you harmonious experiences and love and peace and joy at every turn.




Ella Croney



PS.. I wish to acknowledge a good friend of mine with his conscious line of clothing.  You can access his site at www.consciouswear  A portion of the proceeds goes to "local and national cancer related charities and support organizations" per their statement.  It is my wish that you support Conscious Wear Online and my friend Trey Isenhower.



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