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What Ella has taught me through Feng-Shui has changed my life and my family to a greater state of being. Her techniques of this ceremonial art brings her uniqueness to the craft. Each location that I have moved to, Ella has shown me how to be more empowered, grounded and supported by Feng-Shui in my own home. She is uplifting, and has fun helping others to achieve their goals. 

Zofea Chiess 

Cypress, CA 


Thank you so much for the fantastic energy balance. I can feel the entrance way zinging when I walk in because of the wisdom and knowledge ba-gua on the wall. I can't wait to get more blue up there and really get it going. You are amazing at what you do. I can not thank you enough.

Blessings always, eg 


Eg Mahan

Cell: 310.709.7781


Ella recently did a Feng Shui session shortly after I moved in to my new apartment and I have to say, I can see that she understands energy.  I was surprised in some respects by how simple her adjustments were and came to see the depth of her work as she suggested that I turn my desks to face my front door.  Very soon afterward, I initiated a project that is quickly attaining a global readership.  Just today (not much more than 45 days from her visit), I was offered a co-author position with a woman in Tokyo who has offered to introduce me to some influential people in Paris.  It was my intention that my writing desk become a portal to express to the planet.  I feel I am well on my way, in part, thanks to Ella.. 

What causes me to write this moment is the warmth and comfort I feel from a lit red candle recommended to be placed on my desk.  It certainly feels good!

Best Wishes Ella!


Rodney Young


Ella came to my mother-in-law's house where my wife and I were staying and worked a miracle.  The house was a disaster and there was little we could do about it as it wasn't our house to change.  Ella found ways to bring the house into balance and we sure got results fast.  The very next day, an unexpected royalty check for $10,000 showed up and things just kept getting better from there.  Thanks Ella! 

Rich and Cyndi West



For those individuals whom are skeptic in regard to Feng Shui, I say, "You have to try it".  Ella came to my home and immediately took note of every aspect of balance, but noticed the more non-balanced areas: primarily the Relationship corner. She worked her magic and three weeks later on a flight from Prague I met a wonderful man who I am still very much living and enjoying life with.


Felecia C. Hodges


Ella is an excellent Feng Shui practitioner.   As a student she quickly grasped, not only the basic concepts, but understood the higher levels of our form of Feng Shui.   Not many students have the "touch" that it takes to really help their clients - Ella does.   This is evident by the results of her work.   We are very excited by her success and look forward to hearing more.  


Internationally known Feng Shui Instructor

Nate Batoon



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